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Apocolyptica Guidelines

Our Philosophy:

    Apocolyptica is a group of mature, casual players who feel that the friendships forged through adventuring as a community far outweigh the spoils of racing toward end-game content.  We encourage all members to help their fellow players.  We welcome anyone who is looking for a home within WoW and understands that we are not about server firsts, elite path loot, or e-peen growth. If you do not know what those things are, you are probably a good fit for Apocolyptica!


  • Honor: Principled uprightness of character; personal integrity.
    • We expect that all members of Apocolyptica will carry themselves in such a way as to cast a bright light upon the guild. Each member is the face of Apocolyptica while adventuring throughout Azeroth.
  • Loyalty: A feeling or attitude of devoted attachment and affection.
    • All Apocolyptica members are your brother and sisters-in-arms here in World of Warcraft. Never should you talk bad about or down to another member of the guild regardless of your position within the guild.
  • Friendship: A relationship between people that is characterized by mutual assistance, approval, and support.
    • We want you to think of your fellow guildmates as your friends and treat them as such.

Ranking System:

  • Recruit
    • Has shown an interest in Apocolyptica and believes it may be a good fit
    • Must register on the guild site, in order to have their application reviewed by the Council. Recruits only have the ability to view and post in select message boards
    • Has no access to guild bank
    • Any Recruit that has not logged on in two weeks or more will be removed from the guild for inactivity.
    • Any Recruit that does not apply for Member status within two weeks of joining the guild, will receive a one week warning via in-game mail. After three weeks, if still no application, the Recruit will be removed from the guild.
  • Alt
    • Alts are alternate characters played by members of the guild.
    • A rank of member or above is necessary to bring an alt into the guild
    • Alts will only be able to view the guild bank.
  • Member
    • Has some understanding of the Apocolyptica philosophy and is a willing participant in guild activities.
    • May withdrawal 1 item from each tab and 10 gold per day from guild bank for repairs.
    • May view other bank tabs.
      • Requirements for promotion to member
      • Minimum 14-day probationary period to ensure that Apocolyptica is a good match.
      • Must have joined the website and completed the Apocolyptica application as thoroughly and honestly as possible.
      • Must participate in group quests and dungeons with several veteran members.
      • Must have the approval of the majority of the council.
    • All Members are required to register on the site, and post an introduction in the Biographies section of the forums. This will allow everyone to get to know you better.
  • Veteran
    • Has made great contributions to the guild and both understands and exhibits the Apocolyptica philosophy and ideals.
    • Able to invite new Recruits into the guild.
    • Able to withdrawal 3 items from each tab and 20 gold per day from the guild bank for repairs.
    • Able to view other bank tabs.
      • Contributions that will lead to promotion
      • Must have participated in multiple group events
      • Has selflessly helped new players on a regular basis
      • Must have posted quality topics/replies on the message boards.
  • Officer/Council Member
    • Officers will be active Veterans who have shown an interest in helping run the guild, by filling out the Officer Application in the General Forum.
    • Officers will be chosen by the Guild Master and Assistant Guild Master.
    • Will be a part of the Council and take part in making decisions that affect the well-being of the guild.
    • Is expected to be a "face" for the guild, always maintaining a good reputation for the guild, and promoting the guild to prospective Recruits.
    • Able to withdrawal 5 items from each tab and 30 gold per day from the guild bank for repairs.
    • Has the responsibility of moderating the website forums and Ventrilo channel.
  • Assistant Guild Master
    • The Assistant Guild Master is a guild member who has shown a deep passion for Apocolyptica.
    • Responsible for overseeing various management duties, including, but not limited to:
      • Moderating forums, gchat, ochat and Ventrilo
      • Implementing, enforcing and helping to develop the rules of the guild.
    • Is a peer within the Council, helping to make decisions for the guild.
    • Responsible for resolving any issues brought forward by any guild members.
    • Will be an Acting Guild Master when the Guild Master is not available.
  • Guild Master
    • The founder and primary figurehead for the guild.
    • Responsible for overseeing various management duties, including, but not limited to:
      • Moderating forums, gchat, ochat and Ventrilo
      • Implementing, enforcing and helping to develop the rules of the guild.
    • Responsible for resolving any issues brought forward by any guild members.
    • Is a peer within the Council, helping to make decisions for the guild.
    • Has the final say in any decisions made by the council, and bases that decision on the best interests of the guild.

Chat Rules:

  • Guild Chat
    • If running a raid or dungeon with guild members, please keep all party based discussions to the Party channel (/p).
    • Guild chat is not the place to argue with another member, if you feel you must do so, please /w that player or set up a separate chat channel.
  • General/Trade Chat
    • It is expected that all guild members will treat General chat the same as Guild/Trade chat. Remember, what you say or do while in-game reflects on both you and our guild.
  • Ventrilo
    • Our Vent channel has 15 slots, if you don't plan to talk, don't log into Vent.
    • There are four channels, General Discussions, AFK, Raid, and Dungeon, please use them accordingly.
    • Vent is NOT a place to argue with someone.  Once again, as with gchat, please take it elsewhere, preferably somewhere private.
    • Moderators have every right to kick out/ban someone from Vent, as long as they have good reason.  If you think you were wrongfully kicked or banned, inform the GM or Assistant GM.

Activity Requirements:

    For ALL guild members, excluding alts, an inactivity period of 30 days will result in the member being removed from the guild. This can be avoided by letting an officer know that you will be gone, and about how long you expect.


    Our website,, is the central source of communication. Guild events will be posted on the calendar, news will be relayed through the home page, and message boards will be utilized for detailed discussions.  All members are asked to post regularly, to help build a social atmosphere outside of the game, just as we have in game. Also, there is a PayPal "Dontate" button on the Resources page. If you would like to help upgrade the amount of slots, pay for the current channel, or the advertisement free site, feel free to do so.  It is currently paid for out of pocket by the GM. 

Raid and Dungeon Guidelines:

  • Loot
    • Group Loot will be used EVERY time.
    • Select Need (dice) if the item is a gear upgrade for your current character AND you are of the appropriate level to use said gear. If you are not of the appropriate level, only select Need after checking with the group. If another member of the party can use the item now, your roll should be defaulted to Greed. This includes BoE (bind on equip) as well as BoP (bind on Pickup).
    • Select Greed (coins) if the item is not an upgrade, or you are not of the correct level for the item.
    • If you intentionally ninja-loot an item, you will be removed from the guild immediately and your name will be slandered throughout Azeroth until you quit or leave the server! We understand that this can happen accidentally and, if that is the case, no action will be taken other than a warning.
  • Courtesies
    • If you enter a dungeon you have never run, be sure to let your party members know.  Most of the time, people will be kind enough to help you out.
    • If in a Dungeon Finder group, be polite.  If someone is rude to you, don't be rude back, you just make yourself, and the rest of the guild look bad.
    • If you know more, or think you know more, about the raid/dungeon you are in, be humble about it.  Sometimes, the people in your group may know just as much as you do.  Make sure your opinions are wanted before trying to force them on your group.
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